Do you know about VPN service ?

IP Lock is a problem that many people feel uncomfortable . Lots of tricks to overcome ” firewall ” has been shared , which is still the most popular software to change IP to country . However, it seems still too complicated for the less tech -savvy .

There is also another method is very effective in this case , which is to use a virtual private network ( VPN ) of the service provider .
You can see more here : Disappear VPN

If you do not know about VPN , then explain it simply , this is a model that allows users to connect to a virtual private network with private IP , then connect to the server ( game ) . Thus, it is not much different from the fake IP but the installation process will be less complicated , more stable connection .

Previously, the use VPN to access Facebook has also been applied and quickly outdone by changing the DNS , but it was different with the online game , simply because DNS changes can not help players gain access to the game has original IP .

So Using VPN solution effectively and quickly

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