Another aspect of martial arts

Martial arts is martial art first , is the director of the martial arts , the religion of the people who live in the heavens , the earth , is vividly expressed through culture , traditions , customs , habits , the socio- economic conditions , and the way the arts core , along with the educational process , free education , religious center , associated with the maintenance of the relationship between man and man , between man and community right from birth until natural death eyes . Martial Arts is a martial art system includes , arts management , arts medicine , martial arts and martial music . And those who can not learn martial arts in his mind the same field scouting . It is the cultivation and training of moral , noble to live , the water tastes with the people , loyal to the clan , or the means to do these things . And in this day and age is a good martial arts school must first be a good citizen , have an idyllic life , which is martial arts talents hidden power within the rich altruism , humility .
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Martial arts and the meaning of human life towards Tri – Tin – Meaning – Agreements – Dung , this is the spirit and purpose of the true samurai . The word ” Faith ” here to speak from the mind of the martial arts , words must be coupled with action . No harm , no strong dependence sexually weak , always preserving Budo , prestige disciples , everything behaves in the morning , it means , do not unjust , unpopular , virtue – that is , ” meaning ” . And ” union ” , ” courage ” is the indispensable virtues of the martial home , always ready to kill time , except evil , see no excuse discontent . Distinguish these two concepts is that we understand and see the martial arts sports activities taking place around the world . Avoid going wrong views about martial arts . Because martial arts is not merely a sport but a martial arts culture , morality and lifestyle .

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